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that are proposed. this site also in the context of embarcadero historic district, the national register historic district, is the only pier that is really outside of the boundaries of the historic district but adjacent to the historic district. there was a recognition there was an opportunity to do something architecturally unique and different in this stretch of the waterfront. the strength of the historic character of the architecture kind of weakens so the plan does call out for a fresh look at new architectural endeavor in this area, and across the street on sea wall lot 330 the waterfront plan has a basic concept of promoting inland development that really takes its cues from what is happening adjacent in the adjacent neighborhoods and districts so it's a mixed use residential use hotel and commercial uses is typically something that is contemplated for the sea wall lot north of base channel and with that we provided the back drop for the cac and the public. it designed the form process that the warrior's team has gone through and i would like to introduce justin mccann with the design t
in contrast a very beautiful small section of the bay here that abuts the embarcadero and the park and this is community oriented, a great opportunity for an active community recreational edge. you can see in the red square at the top of the plan proposing to keep that existing element. you can see the water marked tower on sea wall lot 330 in blue and the blue color encompassing here and the piers 30-32 and indicating from the beginning we looked at this in a holistic way. this indicates the typical relationship you have along the waterfront when you look down a pier. you typically take the long view down to the water and this is something that occurs here, but there is something that occurs on 30-32 which is unlike any other pier and that's this very spectacular north south access that you view access that you experience as you walk onto the pier and spectacular view north up to the bay bridge so this shapes the way we approach the site planning for the development. this is an early diagram that appeared in the press in the spring of this year. it was before we started design
live coming up on the embarcadero on the west side and they are planning on a mounding and a mounding is going to affect people's views of the bridge, people's views of the waterfront, so we are going much, much too fast, and what are you voting on folks? you should ask your staff. what scheduling -- what assumptions you're voting on for alternative sites? thank you. >> is there any further public comment? i hope it up now for comments and questions from the commissioners. >> if you could -- brad and both of you come back up. i think one of the things i appreciate the presentations and comments that everyone has made. this i think several of the speakers alluded to and one of the great things about san francisco there is so much participation in everything, and you both articulate the more about what the fiscal feasibility study is and what it does and if you could detail that a little more? explain the cost of capital versus the rate of return. and also give more indication of the schedule and how the cac will be able to participate after the fiscal feasibility study if it goe
&t park when the giants were home and playing. hey giants. i got off at the embarcadero station to wait for out bound in bound train. when i looked at the schedule board it said the next one would be 45 minutes. there were several people waiting and we continued to wait as 2m and 2k cars and j and t cars went by. i realized those with me were also waiting for n car. i called three one one which is a wonderful efficient customer service related system. i was given someone i was told taking calls related to muni. he said he knew nothing about a delay in n cars had he had not been informed or received calls about any delay. as he was checking in and an inbound n car went past me towards the ballpark and the cal train. i told that to the three one one operator and by the time it came back to the embarcadero station after being by the ballpark and the people waiting patiently except for me at the embarcadero station would do well to get on the train much less get a seat. he was a pol gettic and he assured me he noted my call. within five minutes an out bound train came in to the emb
have some congestion that we experience on the embarcadero what are some of the steps could be taken for the neighborhood and community now rather than waiting for all the studies to be completed? i think we had findings already out of the recent experiences with fleet week and everything else and what is your department doing to change it and whether it's the traffic lights or i will throw it out -- do we take away things and create more traffic lanes and i don't know and outrageous ideas like that. >> or bike tracks. >> thank you. what we found out the opportunity to pilot has been invaluable because working with america's cup some of the data is now extraordinary. bart alone carried 250,000 more people than it typically does and the giant's celebration day and the important tool we have been working with is having the incident command system. it's not once in a while team that gets assembled. san francisco is extraordinary city with huge students and hosting responsibilities and an international city with a lot of visitors and with mta what is going on each week and do we have
on the embarcadero in san francisco by forcing evacuations in the area. david stevenson is live at the scene -- at the scene with more. >> reporter: this happened near that construction you can see. it caused a traffic headache along the embarcadero. a crew was installing a six- inch water line for a new fire hydrant when the crew hit a gas line. pg&e says that crew severed a 1- inch plastic gas line, where they will be installing the new planner to number buildings. the leak prompted police and firefighters to block off the embarcadero at broadway and to temporary evacuate pier 15. >> just wanted to make sure that wasn't creeping in some place. so we just evacuated and we are -- we're lucky. >> reporter: take a look at these aerial shots over pier 15. in injuries were reported. the leak was capped at 10:42. pg&e says the crew installing that water line didn't have appeared to have done their prep work before marking off the gas line and pg&e says it may bill the city for the cost of replacing or severerring that gas linda dave severing that gas line -- severing that gas line. david steven s
parks bond, and you recall it's located on the embarcadero and intended to be a new 57,000 square foot public open space with raised land and interpretive elements and we were fortunate to get financial help from the u.s. army corp of engineers and helped with demolition of pier 36 and the port is helping with the construction of the new wafer of and last night for those in the neighborhood probably already know this. over 900 cubic yards of cement was pored over night. they had one to three cement trucks arriving every one to three minutes and from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.. it was a huge effort and a special thanks to our construction company, linda bazo, the department of public works, the san francisco metropolitan transportation authority, the san francisco police department and of course port staff, so pile driving will resume tomorrow and by the end of the week all piles will be installed. this is a great project which is being built to standards the most modern ones that we know for earthquake protection and sea level rise and looking forward to the next america's cup event and
and that is right now pg&e is proposing a embarcadero portearo transition line for redundancy. as you know we are fed by three groups off the peninsula and loss of a substation in san francisco could create much instability and affect reliability of the system. embarcadero currently supplying power from the mid-market substations and through those soils. repair could take eight hours to several weeks. maintaining the embarcadero station is critical to the san francisco downtown and waterfront region. the system of reliability was raised during the study interview with pg&e in november 2011 and pg&e followed up with the council getting support to ada third connection to the embarcadero station with this going to the portero substation and improve system reliability particularly into the downtown area in a major earthquake and allow pg&e more flexibility with work and unexpected equipment outages. they gave three routes and options to provide feedback and you can see from the box, the green, red and blue routes so pg&e is continuing to work with the city and the project design and the appro
on the embarcadero in san francisco because of a gas leak. we were almost forced to evacuate as well. here's a live picture of that area. >> pier 15 under construction that's the future home of the -- we just got the notice a few minutes ago it is safe they've gotten that situation secured. good morning i'm kristen sze. >>> and i'm cheryl jennings. let's go to katie marzullo. >> reporter: it is under construction, i talked to some of the crew who -- crews who said they heard someone yell broken gasline and they got out. the chief with the fire department joining us as this wraps up. tell us what happened? >> the water department was digging with a backhoe ruptured a 6 to 8 inch high pressure gasline when he evacuated the building. just set up lines just closed off the street and precaution stopped traffic. >> reporter: how dangerous is the line? >> it is high pressure we are lucky the wind wasn't blowing everything was going straight up we wanted a perimeter get an idea where the gas was. when he evacuated this building they said they had a heavy smell of gas if the basement. with the readings it w
through the po tearo power plant and connect to the embarcadero substation that provide power to downtown. at&t has proposed a new 230kv transmission line to provide redundant transmission line to the embarcadero sub station. at&t and port staff have collectively communicated with the mayor's office, the san francisco public utilities commission and the city administrator about the project. the city administrator was charged by then city administrator ed lee to look at these types of risks to the city in the event of a major seismic event and how we protect against them and weighed in favor of the project. at&t is looking at a number of proposed route s. one proposed route if approved by the california public utilities commission would involve submerged port property. this is a map showing the potential routes between portero substation and embarcadero substation. you see the submerged route in blue and enter the bay north of pier 30 and south of pier 28. go along a route that is very lose to the current trans bay cable route but several hundred feet away and then enter -- or leave t
. this is on the palo alto side of 1 01. it is northbound at the embarcadero. it is involved and a police vehicle there ran off the road and overturned. there's one landlocked and once again this is 101 at the embarcadero. this is an injury accident involving a police officer. traffic is starting to slow down and it is less a 60 m.p.h.. will keep an eye on this accident and let you know how this will slow down your commute. >> the rest of the bay area is doing just fine. >> new this morning. police and san rafael are investigating a shooting at a nightclub. according to san rafael police department they responded to a call the shots fired around 12:45 p.m. this morning in the area of club 101 located at 815 west francisco boulevard. two victims were taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. police did detained two suspects the they believe are linked to the shooting. authorities also say that multiple firearms were recovered at the scene. >> let's start in san francisco with kron 4 will tran. >> it is very busy and the shoppers have been out getting their shopping on a you can see the
and there is an ambulance on the scene. this is right at embarcadero road, san antonio avenue. just be aware there's only one lane open. we're going to look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see traffic moving nicely into san francisco. at highway 24 through lafayette, as you make your way through the tunnel looking good. >> tara, thank you and a very good morning. >>> sunrise over the city, a few high clouds and a little bit of patchy fog. it tends to pop up around 6 and 8 and burn off around 9. it can be great visibility and lousy visibility. cold readings inland, it's going to be another nice day. a few high clouds, mostly sunny, mild to warm, running a little bit above average on the afternoon highs. the weekend not much change. fog might be increasing, though as we get easterly breeze from the delta, and next rain would be looks like maybe late next wednesday, more likely thursday and maybe all the way into saturday or sunday, could be wet. forecast models are definitely on board. but that's not until next week. a lot of high clouds in the north, generally speaking it's the fog. get rid of
, this party has been going strong. it is the annual embarcadero center building lighting ceremony. i have been here now for the past 15 years. rain or shine, it goes on. we are going to light up these buildings and talk more about it. steve is here with boston properties. how many lights are going to be lit up tonight? >> you'll see 17,000 two watt bulbs light up four buildings here at embarcadero center. >> what i love is i drive across the bay bridge even at 2a these lights light up the city. >> they will be lit until the end of the year so the 31st at new year's we'll shut them down. >> i have to tell you every time i see the embarcadero center lit up, for me, it means the holidays have begun. >> it's absolutely the kickoff. holiday season here in the bay area and you're going to have a spectacular show here tonight. >> reporter: a big show going on here tonight. and honestly, this is the night in which you start saying to everybody, happy holidays! if you want to know more about this we have it always on but coming up at 6:00 tonight, we are going to be featuring the off
revenue accident on the palo alto side no. 1 01 and embarcadero. this involves a down of motorcyclist with two lanes blocked. give yourself extra time for your ride and northbound 1 01. >> downtown san francisco looks fine. we do not have any fog to contend with there. that is are for the north bay we are contending with locally dense fog and some of our valleys. temperatures on the cooler side between five and 15 degrees cooler compared jury yesterday. we will see sunshine and blue skies into the afternoon with temperatures in the upper sixties to low 70's. chilly start in san jose 49 there and 49 in oakland. concord and at 48 degrees i will break down their temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood with a look at that we can forecast coming up in my next report. >> i developing story in the wake of super storm sandia people how they're affected and the tough realities for those along the east coast. last count 98 people had been killed by this storm nationwide. this morning there are still 4.1 million people route 15 states that have no power. there also fuel storage shortages along
countdown to the embarcadero center building lighting of the building as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,, (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. there say they prevented anr movie theater massacre. they believe 23- year-old blaec lammers planned >>> in missouri, police say they prevented another movie theater massacre. they believe 23-year-old blake lammers planned an attack. they say lammers bought two assault rifles, hundreds of rounds of ammo and movie tickets to "twilight." his plan was stopped after the suspect's mother called police. >>> a security scare at oakland international airport. the fbi is now investigating a passenger who was carrying potentially dangerous materials. cbs 5 reporter mark sayre on the man's wristwatch which immediately raised suspicions. >> reporter: the fbi now taking the lead in this investigation
possible monday and tuesday. >> fatality on muni in the tunnel between embarcadero and market. no service halted now. person on the tracks in the tunnel no muni service between vn>Ñlt9&0"z(á(p"slbl%fb÷ accident southbound 880 at thornton. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it's a new day it's a new day ♪ >>> and that is a perfect song for this friday morning. alicia keys' "new day." a lot of people in times square are hoping for that many this morning. and we are missing robin, hoping for that new day for her. she is at home getting strong. great to have amy robach here. >> thanks very much. >>> and so many of us have closets bursting full of clothes we're not wearing. you can turn that into cold, hard cash. we have people doing that right now, like sam. >> not yet. >> that's your weather piece here, i love so much. and nobody looks better than you. we'll talk about that coming up. that's a tease. >>> first, other hollywood news. kristen stewart and robert pattinson's romance, is it really back on track, we asked? they gave their first interview since they broke up and the reported union.
. all lines have been shutdown at west portal and embarcadero after reports of a body laying on the tracks. we have christie smith with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, and marla. this was a rough start to the morning commute. trains not running for three hours this morning. within the last 30 minutes, things turned around. about 160,000 commuters use the route each day and half were inconvenienced. emergency trucks lined market street this morning near the montgomery station and downstairs, muni metro riders were turned away. >> they said there was a medical emergency and take another route. >> reporter: what does that do to your morning? >> i have to take the bus. >> reporter: about 7:30 this morning, the j-church muni train hit a man in a restricted area. >> the man was walking through the catwalk at embarcadero and montgomery. that's where the contact was made. >> reporter: riders saw this vital station in downtown san francisco shutdown as the medical examiner and police v investigated. b.a.r.t. offered honorable tickets to help out with the ride. >> i could not ge
montgomery and embarcadero station. union officials say it is not clear who he was or why he was there. the accident closed the muni metro system between balboa park and embarcadero, service was restored around 10:30. >> want to go all the way down there and wait for a shuttle bus over here. this strain will take you to balboa park or we will give you a free ride to there. >> muni workers directed people to alternatives. shuttle buses carried them to stations downtown and bart allowed people with muni passes to ride for free between there. >>> 4 days before the election new unemployment numbers are out and they were better than expected for the u.s. labor market. according to the labor department employers added 171,000 jobs in october and also significantly revised upward the number of new jobs add in august and september. >>> put the unemployment rate rose to 7.9%, up from 7.8% in september as more people started looking for work. >>> today's job report is fueling reaction along the campaign trail from both president barack obama and governor mitt romney. >> today our businesses ha
shutdown a portion of the embarcadero, specifically embarcadero and green streets near pier 15. the good news is that gas has been turned off and the road there is expected to reopen any minute now. we will keep you posted. >>> a pennsylvania family is grieving the death of their young son after a horrific mauling at the pittsburgh zoo. the boy was with his mother and aunt when the mother put the boy on the railing of the painted-dogs exhibit. the boy fell and was mauled to death by 11 dogs as his family watched from above. there is a catch basin, but the boy flipped over it and in the exhibit. the dogs are now in lock up at the zoo. one was shot by pittsburgh police. >>> the same morning of the mauling, a montana man was killed by grizzly bears. one bear was put down so that rescuers could get to the man's body. >>> expect to see more electric cars on the road. scott mcgrew says tesla is getting better at building its cars. >> reporter: good morning. tesla will make mohundreds of t model s sedans. when you consider they were making five cars a month, 100 is a lot. production lines will
right lane blocked. northbound embarcadero closed tonight for roadwork at 9:00 until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. >>> our top story, frightening overnight accident, car flies off an overpass on i-80 and flips on to the freeway in contra costa county in pinole on appian way. this picture sent by the fire department. the dodge ended up on its roof, going southbound on appian way when it hit a concrete guard rail off the overpass and landed on its roof on westbound 80. the car blocked two lanes of traffic. the 20-year-old driver and 21-year-old passenger were able to get out safely. the cause is under investigation. the scene is now clear. >>> back at the bargaining take this morning. raley's and union refs will resume negotiations. amy hollyfield is live at the picket line. >> reporter: good news they are going back to the table. even at 5:30 in the morning the picket line continues, a small group making their statement in front of raley's. their union said it is not going to let its guard down this is a small group we have video during the daytime when the crowd is larger and more active
off to a good start. embarcadero northbound closed due to roadwork between second and brannon until 5:00. >>> developing news. another top military career on the line. stunning new revelations about the woman who put cia director general petraeus' affair in the pot light. katie marzullo with the latest. -- >> reporter: a lot of twists and turns for the woman who blew the whistle on general petraeus' affair at the center of her own scandal. jill kelley is the woman who received the allegedly threatening e-mails from broadwell. now the fbi is investigating e-mails sent between kelly and the -- kelley and the top commander in afghanistan, general john al -- john allen. secretary of defense panetta has receased a statement saying allen will keep his job as commander in afghanistan his next career move is uncertain. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. in the meantime, the secretary has asked the president and the president has agreed, to put his nomination on hold until the relative facts are determined. >> reporter: nomination is for commander of european command a
at the embarcadero. >> a true weatherman would join us. you're not doing it. >> no. >>> will the weather prune tonight's big lighting ceremony? >> i don't think so. roberta gonzales is going to help us. she is already on the ice. >> reporter: i think i'm dizzy! so i'm going to call on rosie here. rosie and brad and we'll take it away. we are at the 26th annual holiday carnival here at justin herman plaza and this is the official lighting, thank you so much -- of the embarcadero center. so 26th annual lighting is always so much fun. it officially kicks off the holiday season here in the bay area. steve colvin, i feel like it's been a good year since i have see you. >> welcome back. >> reporter: tell me what to expect? >> today we have the winter carnival which starts at 4 p.m. of the and that's a family oriented event. we have pony rides, face painters, santa, and everything in between 4 to 6 today and then we have the disney on ice show 6 to 7 p.m. and culminates with the building lighting ceremony. >> reporter: the building light something at 6:00 and tell me about that. >> so tonight we'll
for the controversy involving a convicted child molester. kx;ñ;ñx >>> beautiful picture of the embarcadero center holiday season kicked off last friday with the opening of the skating rink. head on down and enjoy holiday weather, today not so much in the 60s. >>> new this morning, the chemical fallout from the richmond refinery fire my coat your yard and vegetable garden three months after the fire. environmental group found high levels of cancer-causing hydrocarbons in five of the eight samples taken from different areas near the refinery. dusted dirt samples across nine miles were tested by a lab smoke from that august 6th, fire blanketed much of the bay area. chevron questions the results saying health officials took air samples during the fire and found no significant risks. >>> the bishop of the san jose diocese apologizing for fail give written permission for a convicted sex offender to volunteer at a children's festival. a parent recognized him as a sex offender while he was volunteering at the st. francis catholic school festival last month. day deputy responded but couldn't arrest him be
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 265 (some duplicates have been removed)